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What Drives Facilitating Foresight 

Facilitating Foresight is named after a core design principle. Innovation, vision, strategy, and organizational culture needs to be guided by a systematic exploration of possible futures. And, given the complexity of today’s word, orgnizations need to engage a wide range of stakeholders in participatory foresight to learn, explore, and sense change. No single leader or expert can have all the answers. Using the collective intelligence of your talent you can widen the aperture of possibilities in the service of long-term decision-making, engagement, and innovation.


Give clients the building blocks needed to successfully grow and run a foresight program. Develop organisational foresight to enable strong employee engagement, decisive leadership and decision-making for the 21st century, and an organisational mindset anchored in long-term outcomes over short-term gains.


Bring strategic foresight into the hands of the companies, organizations, and institutions that build our collective futures. 

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