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Facilitating Foresight is a boutique futures firm founded by Tessa Finlev, a leading global futurist. 

Hover here to watch my interview with Institute for the Future about building a Futures Council at Dolby Labs. 
Results: more agile, more engaged, more innovative, more resilient. 
Strategic Foresight is widely recognised as an essential leadership skill of the 21st century. 
We are in a world on continuous change and uncertainty. Finding the signals amongst all the noise we information we consume is harder than ever. To lead has traditionally meant having the answers and charting the cause forward. 

Yet we can't be experts in everything and we can't be certain about the future.

We can engage in systematic and collaborative sense making to make smart decisions about the future we want to build

Hybrid work, hyper globalisation, metaverse, blockchains, web3, mass-urbanisation, climate change, political polarisation, declining trust and increasing social isolations, 24hr news and social media streams, new viruses, new wars... no single leader or person can have all the answers 

Let's start a conversation to see how to level-up your foresight.  

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